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Individual training

One-on-one session with Mekenzie, personalized to meet your specific needs and goals. 



Dual training is great for couples, siblings, and friends. It is designed to meet each individual's specific needs and goals while providing a competitive partner setting. 

Group Training

Group training (3+ individuals) combines working out with a social aspect. Bring your friends, family, co-workers or teammates along for this challenging yet enjoyable workout experience!


Thirty minute virtual option for people who are always on the move and need to fit in a quick workout. Join Mekenzie for a custom workout from wherever you are!

workout plan

Start with a conversation with Mekenzie to create your custom plan that works for your lifestyle. Mekenzie will walk you through the plan and answer any questions you have. This plan allows you to hold yourself accountable and crush your goals at home or at the local gym.

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